Studying while receiving unemployment benefit is now easier

A change in legislation coming into force on 1 January 2023 allows unemployed jobseekers to undertake various part-time studies without losing their unemployment benefit. Additionally, studies undertaken as part of a service that promotes employment do not affect a person’s entitlement to unemployment benefit.

Previously, it has been possible to undertake part-time studies as a jobseeker, but the TE Office has been required to assess whether any such studies are full-time or part-time, and in some cases, even short courses and training programmes have prevented people from receiving their daily allowance.

Studies leading to a qualification will continue to be considered full-time, and students undertaking such studies will not be entitled to unemployment benefit. Studies can still be considered part-time if the jobseeker has previously been permanently employed during said studies or been an entrepreneur for at least six months.

Going forward, studies that a jobseeker has started during a previous employment relationship will also not affect their entitlement to unemployment benefit if they have become involuntarily unemployed.

Additionally, clarifications to the job-seeking obligations of unemployed people in education or training will come into force from 1 January 2023. Going forward, persons undertaking self-motivated study subsidised with unemployment benefit will usually be required to apply for at least four jobs per month.