Phone service opening hours during easter

KOKO fund’s phone service is open on Thursday 28.3. from 10 till 14. On Friday 29.3. and Monday 1.4. the phone service is closed. Happy Easter!


The €300 standard entitlement on work income is being abolished, and, going forward, the daily allowance of even small income earners will be adjusted

The daily allowance of people who receive unemployment allowance and earn an income (e.g., wages from part-time work, earnings from entrepreneurship, attendance fees) will be adjusted going forward. This means that any income you earn will affect the amount of daily allowance you receive.


Child increases and standard entitlement will be abolished on April 1, 2024

At the beginning of April, two legislative changes that affect the amount of earnings-related allowance will come into effect. One of the changes affects recipients of the daily allowance who have children, and the other affects recipients of the daily allowance who also receive earned income alongside the allowance.


The Finnish Government has proposed a law abolishing job alternation leave to Parliament

According to the Government’s proposal, the job alternation leave system would be abolished in such a way that new periods of alternation leave could be started until 31 July 2024.


Are you wondering whether you will get compensation during a strike?

KOKO's customer service is currently handling matters related to the strike. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the topic


The payment of child increases will end at the beginning of April

Due to the legislative amendment, child increments will no longer be paid for unemployment or lay-off days as of 1 April 2024. Until the end of March, the amount of the child increment is EUR 130–240 per month, depending on the number of children.


Employment rate of KOKO members weakened in 2023

The employment rate of KOKO members weakened during 2023. During the year, the fund received a total of 102 503 earnings-related daily allowance applications, which is 12% more than in 2022, when 91 589 applications were received. A total of 14 336 first applications were received (2022: 8 278).


Temporary delays in the processing of daily allowance applications

The processing of daily allowance applications is currently experiencing delays due to the high volume of submissions, which may result in longer processing times for receiving your daily allowance.


The waiting period is now seven days — holiday compensation will be periodised

At the beginning of the year, two changes to unemployment security came into force; as a result, the right to earnings-related unemployment allowance begins later than before. If you have just become unemployed, or are about to become unemployed or laid off, here is what you need to know...