Trade unions

A trade union adds security

Belonging to a union gives you more security. Trade unions usually offer legal services, courses to support employment, coaching events, advice and numerous other member benefits.

The following trade unions insure their members in the KOKO unemployment fund:

Akavan Yleinen Ryhmä ry (AKAVA – Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland, General Group)
Asiantuntijat ja Esihenkilöt ASIA ry
DIFF – Ingenjörerna i Finland rf (Association of Swedish-speaking Engineers in Finland)
Insinööriliitto IL ry (Union of Professional Engineers in Finland)
Kaupanalan esimiesliitto KEY ry
Myynnin ja markkinoinnin ammattilaiset ry (MMA) (Sales and Marketing Professionals)
Ornamo (Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo)
Rakennusinsinöörit ja -arkkitehdit RIA ry (Association of Finnish Construction Engineers and Architects RIA)
Suomen Arkkitehtiliitto SAFA ry (Finnish Association of Architects)
Suomen Ekonomit ry (Finnish Association of Business School Graduates)
Suomen Optometrian Ammattilaiset ry (Finnish Profesionals of Optometry)
Suomen Proviisoriyhdistys ry (Finnish Association of Qualified Chemists)
Finnish Association of Civil Engineers RIL
Tekniikan Akateemiset TEK ry (Finnish Association of Graduate Engineers – TEK)
Tekniska Föreningen i Finland TFIF (Engineering Society in Finland)
Toimihenkilöliitto Erto ry
Tradenomiliitto ry (Union of Professional Business Graduates in Finland)
Yksityisalojen Esimiehet ja Asiantuntijat YTY ry (Association for Managers and Specialists in the Private Sector)