Previously, you knew us as IAET-kassa. Now we are The Unemployment fund for highly educated KOKO.

Being a member of an unemployment fund is an important safeguard in the working life. You can join the KOKO fund if you have a salaried job. Your job can be temporary, for a fixed term, or part-time, and you can also join the fund while you have a summer job or a part-time job while you are a student. You cannot join an unemployment fund while you are unemployed, laid off or on a child care leave, for example.

The KOKO fund’s membership fee for 2019 is €75.

Apply for KOKO fund’s membership

You can join KOKO as a direct member or through your trade union. You can join the KOKO fund as a direct member by filling in the membership application. If you want to join through your trade union, contact your union.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, your membership will begin on the day on which your membership application is received by the KOKO fund. You cannot join an unemployment fund retroactively.

We will send you confirmation of your membership.

You can only be a member of one unemployment fund at a time. If you give us permission in your membership application, KOKO can inform your previous unemployment fund, where applicable, of your move.

If you are a member of KOKO through your trade union and want to become a direct member instead, you can let us know through the Contact us function. You will not need to fill in a new membership application. Also remember to inform your union of the change.

Who can become a member of KOKO?

You can become a member of the KOKO fund if you work in a managerial position or as a specialist, or if you have or are studying for:

  • an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in engineering
  • a degree in economics
  • a bachelor’s degree in business administration
  • a degree in mathematics / natural sciences
  • a degree in technology/science
  • a degree in architecture
  • a degree in design
  • a degree in interior design
  • a degree in opticianry or optometrics
  • a degree in structural architecture
  • a degree in pharmacy
  • a postgraduate degree in social work or social services
  • or another corresponding undergraduate or postgraduate degree.