Periodisation of the holiday compensation

If you have unused vacation days at the end of a full-time employment relationship that has lasted more than two weeks, the compensation paid for them will be periodized. This means that the start of the right to earnings-related daily allowance is postponed. For example, holiday compensation equal to one month’s pay postpones the start of unemployment allowance by approximately one month.

The periodization of the holiday compensation and the waiting period do not occur simultaneously. This means that the waiting period will start only after the period for the holiday compensation has ended

The holiday compensation rule applies to all employment relationships that end on or after 1 January 2024. Holiday compensation does not affect the daily allowance if the employment relationship was for part-time or full-time work lasting no more than 2 weeks.

If both holiday compensation and compensation related to termination of employment are paid for the same full-time work of more than 2 weeks, they are added together and both will delay the start of payment of the daily allowance.

Several changes will be made to unemployment security during 2024, and the rule by which holiday compensation delays the payment of daily allowance is one of them. Read more about the changes on the summary page Changes in unemployment security in 2024.