Fund rules

I The fund’s business sector
Section 1 Name of fund, location, area of operation and purpose

II Membership
Section 2 Conditions of membership
Section 3 Resigning from the fund
Section 4 Expulsion from the fund
Section 5 Abuse of unemployment security
Section 6 Rejoining
Section 7 Membership fees
Section 8 Waiver of fees

III Application for, and payment of, benefit
Section 9 Benefits paid by the fund
Section 10 Appealing a decision of the fund

IV Administration of the fund
Section 11 Administrative bodies
Section 12 Fund’s AGM
Section 13 Extraordinary meeting of the fund
Section 14 Fund’s Board
Section 15 Work of the Board
Section 16 Duties of the Board
Section 17 Fund manager and his/her duties
Section 18 Signing for the fund
Section 19 Notices to attend meetings and information for members
Section 20 Taking out loans
Section 21 Accounting period
Section 22 Funds
Section 23 Covering a deficit

V Special regulations
Section 24 Supervision of unemployment funds
Section 25 Government decisions and changes to the law
Section 26 Surrender of assets if the fund ceases operations
Section 27 Other applicable provisions