Adjusted daily allowance

If you have part-time work, you may be entitled to adjusted daily allowance. You have to fulfill the employment and membership condition and must have registered as jobseeker with a TE Office. In an adjusted daily allowance arrangement, 50% of your earned income affects your daily allowance. However, you can earn €300* a month (standard entitlement) without your daily allowance being affected. However, please note that income must be reported to the unemployment fund even when they fall below the standard entitlement.

Adjusted daily allowance can be paid if you

  • work part-time (up to 80% of the maximum working hours of full-time work)
  • have been temporarily laid off to work shorter days
  • are working full-time for a maximum of 2 weeks
  • are working as a full-time entrepreneur for a maximum of 2 weeks
  • are a part-time entrepreneur or self-employed person.

Adjusted daily allowance cannot be paid in all cases. Such a situation may arise if

  • the employment is part-time on your own initiative
  • your working hours exceed 80% of those of full-time work
  • your employer cannot monitor your working hours
  • you receive an annual leave salary based on full-time work
  • the amount of your adjusted daily allowance exceeds the limit defined by law. The adjusted daily allowance with child increases and earned income during the adjustment period are higher than the salary on which the daily allowance is based.