Administration and personnel

The KOKO fund’s highest power of decision is exercised by the fund’s AGM, which is held once a year, usually in May. The Board is responsible for practical matters and has 13 members.

KOKO board members in 2021

Board director, Veli-Pekka Nurmi
Jari Elo
Teemu Hankamäki
Kati Johansson
Ari Koskelin
Lasse Laurikainen
Sari Niemi
Jari Mellas
Mats Nyman
Kimmo Sandberg
Ari Viiala
Esa Vilhonen
Mikko Wikstedt

Office personnel

The office in Pasila (Helsinki) is responsible for operations. There are 80 people working for KOKO. About 60 of them are working with tasks related to customer service, applications for earnings-related allowance and decisions.

Fund Director, Outi Mäki
Financial Director, Panu Lavonen
Director of Service and Human Resources, Suvi Forssell
Director of Benefits, Anna-Stiina Luukkainen
Lawyer, Elina Johansson
Communications Managers, Melina Argillander and Liisa Tikkanen
Chief Information Officer, Kirsi Liikkanen
Membership Information Manager, Jaana Seilo

Group Managers:
Kirsi Hyvärinen / Financial Recollection
Heidi Ruppa / Allowances
Mari Välimäki / Allowances
Marika Mäki-Ullakko / Service center
Anna Pohjonen / Service center