Border area employee

You are a border area employee if you work in one country but are resident in another and visit your country of residence at least once a week. You can only be a border area employee if both your country of work and your country of residence are in the EU area (EU, EEA and Switzerland). You must take out unemployment insurance in the country in which you perform the work.

If you are a border area employee applying for daily unemployment allowance, you must do so depending on the type of unemployment. If you are on a temporary layoff or in part-time work, apply for daily allowance in the country where you work. If you are completely unemployed, apply for daily allowance in your country of residence.

Unemployment insurance in EU area countries

Sweden and Denmark have a system of unemployment funds similar to the one in Finland. If you are working in Sweden or Denmark, you must join a local unemployment fund in lieu of unemployment insurance.

In other countries in the EU area, you have unemployment coverage on the basis of employment. However, check with the local authorities to find out about requirements for unemployment security before starting work in that country.