Earnings-related allowance application attachments

You must complement your allowance application with attachments that give specific information about your situation. The clarifications you provide to the TE Office are not available to the unemployment fund, as the TE Office only sends the labour market statement to the fund.

When you apply for an allowance via eService, a list of the attachments required for processing your application will be displayed at the end of your application. The list specifies the additional information needed on the basis of the information you have supplied in your application.

The attachments do not need to be originals; copies are also sufficient. You do not need to re-submit any attachments you have already sent to the fund, as we have them archived. If we find that we need information from you that we do not yet have when processing your application, the person handling your case will contact you.

Submit attachments specifying your situation with your application

End of employment
A notice of termination and/or an agreement on the termination of employment for employment that was valid until further notice. If you employment relationship was fixed-term, there is no separate termination notice.

Temporary layoff
The temporary layoff notice and salary breakdowns for the months that you were laid off as well as the periods of employment in between. If the temporary layoff reduction to your pay was only made to salaries paid after the temporary layoff, you should also submit a breakdown to the fund for the salary from which the temporary layoff deduction was made.

Employment contract
Employment or executive employment contract, letter of appointment, commission, or your employer’s account of the essential terms of working, if the employment contract was oral. You do not need to submit employment contracts made more than three years ago, but you must always submit an executive employment contract.

Pay certificate
A pay certificate from your employer for the period preceding your unemployment for a period of at least 26 calendar weeks (Mon-Sun) that count towards the employment condition. The pay certificate must itemise any payments made in addition to the basic wage or salary. You can find a template for the pay certificate for the unemployment fund in the Forms section.

Alternatively, you can send us separate payslips for a period of at least 26 calendar weeks that count towards the employment condition. The payslips may not contain all the information that the unemployment fund needs, so the fund may still request you for a pay certificate.

If your unemployment or temporary lay-off started during the COVID-19 epidemic you may be entitled to earnings-related unemployment allowance after having worked just 13 calendar weeks. You must have at least one week of work that accrues the employment condition completed after 1 March 2020, and the first payment date of the earnings-related allowance must be no later than 31 December 2020. In such case, you only need to submit pay certificates (or payslips) for 13 calendar weeks. See the article.

Tax card
We recommend that you provide us with a revised tax card for benefits, so that we can withhold tax according to the percentage indicated on the card. If we use an income-tax card and the information received electronically directly from the Tax Administration, the tax rate is at least 25%. You do not need to send a tax card if you wish us to use the information received from the Tax Administration. Further information: taxation of earnings-related allowance.

Part-time work

If you do part-time work, send your employment contract and salary calculation to the fund if your salary is paid during the application period. Hours worked in the application period should be marked on the application.

Entrepreneurship connections
If you are or were the managing director of a company, a member of a board of directors, or a shareholder in a company before becoming unemployed, you must attach the shareholders’ register to your application, showing all the shares and status of ownership for the last 28 months.

If you have are engaged in part-time entrepreneurship, professional or forestry or agricultural activities, send us the latest confirmed taxation decision, including a breakdown of tax, and a copy of the shareholders’ register. If you have just started the activities and your taxation decision does not cover the activities for a period of at least six months, send a breakdown of your entrepreneurship income and expenses, based on your accounting, instead. If you have a limited liability company, you must submit to the unemployment fund not the company’s accounts but details of how much you took out for yourself as earned income. The information must cover the part-time entrepreneurship activities from the beginning. Even if you have no income from the entrepreneurship activities, you must still report them to the KOKO fund and the TE Office.

Pensions and other benefits
If you are receiving a benefit, the latest benefit grant decision. You must also inform the fund if you apply for a benefit or any changes to it. This also applies to benefits you have paid yourself or you employer has arranged for you.

A certificate of study, such as degree or diploma certificate and an extract from a study register, if you were studying during employment that counts towards the employment condition or afterwards.

Working abroad
If you have been a posted worker abroad, send the decision confirming your status as a posted worker. You should also submit a TyEL pay certificate i.e. a statement of salary for insurance purposes, from which Finnish pensions and unemployment insurance contributions have been deducted.

If you have been hired and paid locally in a country in the EU area, provide the fund with an U1 form detailing your work from the local authorities.