Pensions and other benefits

Impact of pensions and other benefits on the daily allowance

Pensions and benefits received concurrently with a daily unemployment allowance have various impacts on eligibility for the daily allowance and on its amount. Some benefits have no impact on the daily allowance; others reduce it; and some disqualify the recipient from a daily allowance altogether.

When you apply for a daily allowance, you must declare all the benefits you have applied for and received, even if they are irrelevant regarding the daily allowance. This includes both benefits you have paid for yourself and benefits contributed by your employer, because KOKO has to be able to assess the impact of the benefits on the daily unemployment allowance. You must declare any and all benefits received in Finland and from abroad, whether pensions or child care support, etc.

If you are paid a reduced daily allowance because of other benefits, your daily allowance period will nevertheless accrue for each day of payment.

Social benefits that do not affect the amount of the daily allowance:

  • Child benefit
  • Home child care allowance, local authority supplementary allowance
  • Housing allowance
  • Voluntary pension taken out by yourself (not by your employer)
  • Partial early old-age pension
  • Informal care support
  • Child care allowance (additional allowance or special allowance for caring for a sick child)
  • Housing allowance as per the Act on Housing Allowance for Pensioners
  • Entrepreneur’s supplementary pension
  • Privileged income paid pursuant to the legislation of another country
  • Conscripts allowance and ¬housing assistance under conscripts allowance
  • Annuity and supplementary annuity under the Military Injuries Act
  • Family pensions, including care and supplementary care¬pensions
  • Care allowance under the National Pensions Act
  • Disability indemnity under the Employment Accident Insurance Act, equivalent to the basic component of the annuity
  • Care allowance for pensioners as per the Act on Disability Benefits
  • Disability allowance as per the Act on Disability Benefits
  • Compensation for special costs pursuant to the Employment Accident Insurance Act and the Military Injuries Act
  • Disability allowance for under-16s

Social benefits deducted from the daily allowance:

  • Home care allowance (care allowance / care supplement)
  • Flexible care allowance
  • Social assistance, for the time earnings-related allowance is granted
  • Basic income
  • Partial disability pension under employment pensions legislation
  • Partial pension under employment pensions legislation
  • Student financial aid and housing supplement
  • Partial care allowance
  • Partial rehabilitation support
  • Supplementary pension provided by an employer that improves on the minimum stipulations of the Employees’ Pensions Act
  • Workers’ compensation pension not granted on the basis of full disability
  • Pension or other benefit received from another country on the basis of disability
  • (Farm) closure pension
  • Guarantee pension only
  • National pension paid pursuant to section 12(4) of the National Pension Act because of blindness, ¬immobility or incapacity
  • Daily allowance paid pursuant to the Military Injuries Act and not granted on the basis of full disability
  • Daily allowance and workers’ compensation pension (supplementary annuity) paid pursuant to the Employment Accidents Insurance Act and not granted on the basis of full disability
  • Loss of income compensation and disability pension paid pursuant to the Motor Liability Insurance Act and not granted on the basis of full disability
  • Loss of income compensation pursuant to the Act on Compensation for Criminal Damages
  • Loss of earnings compensation (pension) pursuant to the Patient Injuries Act

Social benefits that disqualify you from the daily allowance:

  • Old-age pension
  • Early old-age pension
  • Individual early retirement pension
  • Unemployment pension
  • Career pension
  • Sickness allowance or partial sickness allowance pursuant to the Health Insurance Act
  • Maternity, special maternity, paternity or parental allowance (including child care leave)
  • Special care allowance
  • Full disability pension
  • Fixed-term full disability pension paid as rehabilitation assistance
  • Rehabilitation subsidy for the duration of rehabilitation and loss of income compensation payable under the Employment Accidents Insurance Act, the Motor Liability Insurance Act or the Military Injuries Act
  • Pension granted in a treaty country when it is tantamount to an old-age pension as referred to in the Unemployment Security Act
  • Change-of-generation pension and farm closure allowance
  • Pension assistance

The above lists are not exhaustive.