Waiting period

There is a waiting period before payment of earnings-related daily allowance may begin. The KOKO unemployment fund will count the days of your waiting period, so you do not need to take account of them when filling in your application.

The waiting period equals to 7 full working days. The waiting period may accrue at a maximum rate of 5 calendar days per week, and it must be fully accrued during no more than 8 consecutive calendar weeks. If the 7-day waiting period does not run in its entirety during that period, the waiting period starts from the beginning.

The waiting period may only accrue while your jobseeker status is valid. Your unemployment is considered to begin on the day on which you register as an unemployed jobseeker at the TE Office.

However, if you have been in part-time employment and not working full days, your waiting period in calendar days is extended by the difference between your working hours and the maximum working hours.

Days in which you are not entitled to daily unemployment allowance for instance because of a suspension period, periodisation of the holiday compensation, periodisation of a financial benefit, or exceeding of a working hours limit do not count towards your waiting period.

When you participate in a service that promotes employment by agreement with the TE Office, there is no waiting period.

New waiting period

A new waiting period is set when you again meet your employment condition and

1. more than 1 year has elapsed from the beginning of the maximum period of daily allowance. ‘Beginning of the maximum period’ means that you have been paid daily allowance for at least 1 day.

2. daily allowance was not paid after the previous waiting period, i.e. the maximum period did not begin.

A new waiting period is not set if your new daily allowance maximum period begins within 1 year of the beginning of the previous daily allowance maximum period and you had a waiting period at that time.