Termination of membership

Ending your membership

You can end your membership in KOKO by filling in a resignation notice. You can fill in the electronic resignation form on our website or, alternatively, send an informal resignation message via eService. Your end date will be the day on which you inform us that you want to end your membership, or a later date specified by you.

If you end your membership in KOKO in the middle of the year, your membership fee for the rest of the year can be refunded. You need to send us a written request for the refund through eService function and give us your bank account details. You need to request your refund within three months of ending your membership in KOKO. If you were a member through your trade union, you can ask your union for the refund.

NB! The membership fee will have to be paid until the end of resignation month. Not paying your membership fee does not constitute resigning from the fund.

Retiring is not a resignation notice. Your membership will only end automatically at the end of the month you turn 68. Therefore, if you want to resign before the age of 68, please send us a resignation notice.

If you are moving abroad, check whether it is worth continuing your membership or not: Membership while working abroad

Expulsion from the fund

Your KOKO membership can be terminated if you fail to pay your membership fee. Your termination will enter into force as of the beginning of the year when you miss a payment.

Full-time entrepreneurs can be members of a wage earners’ unemployment fund for 18 months after starting their business. Your membership in KOKO can be terminated if you continue to run a business for more than 18 months.

You will be given an opportunity to explain your circumstances before your membership is terminated. Termination decisions can be appealed.

The termination of your KOKO membership may result in the recovery of your daily allowances.