If you are unable to work because of disability, you are not entitled to a daily unemployment allowance. In case of disability, you should principally apply for a benefit payable on the basis of disability (e.g. sickness allowance, partial sickness allowance, disability pension, rehabilitation assistance). When you apply to the KOKO unemployment fund for an earnings-related daily allowance, you must declare whether you have applied for or received any other benefits on the basis of disability.

You may be entitled to an earnings-related daily allowance if the maximum period for a sickness allowance (300 days) has expired and you are still disabled. You must also be currently registered as a jobseeker with a TE Office, and you must have a pending or rejected disability pension application. If you are still in an employment relationship, you must submit to KOKO a certificate from your employer declaring that the employer cannot offer you work commensurate with your working capacity.

In the case of temporary disability, if you have completed the employment condition before the disability started, it might not be necessary to resign from the unemployment fund. Please contact KOKO if you have questions and need more information.