Effect of working hours

Part-time work

Your work is considered part-time work if your working hours are a maximum of 80% of the maximum working hours of full-time work. When working part-time, your actual working hours will be taken into account for the adjustment period during which the wages for them are paid. When a daily allowance is applied for e.g. monthly cycles, the hours worked are compared to a monthly full-time working time. When comparing working time to a month, it is always considered to consist of 21.5 business days.


If you have been laid off to work shorter days or a shortened work week, your working hours are viewed per calendar week (Monday to Sunday).

The working hours of a part-time entrepreneur are not calculated. The income from an enterprise is accounted for in the adjustment period at the time of payment. You must send details of the business operations to the unemployment fund. What these details are depend on the type and duration of business operations. Read more: Adjust of income from business operations and your own work