Determining residence

Which country you are resident in is relevant when considering on the basis of which work your daily allowance should be calculated. You are considered to be resident in Finland if you are permanently resident here even if you work in another EU area country (EU, EEA, Switzerland).

When determining your place of residence, key factors include your permanent address, how often you visit the country where you live, and where your family lives. The nature of your employment relationship is also considered. Place of residence is always determined on a case-by-case basis when processing applications for earnings-related daily allowance, and KOKO cannot issue you a decision on place of residence before you begin your work abroad, for instance.

Where is the unemployment benefit paid?

You must always take out insurance in the country where the work is performed. If you are completely unemployed, apply for daily allowance in your country of residence. If you are temporarily laid off or in part-time employment, daily allowance will be paid in the country where the work is done, regardless of whether you live there or not.

Impact of place of residence on the amount of daily unemployment allowance

Your daily allowance will be calculated on the basis of wages paid for work done in another EU area country if you are considered to have been resident in Finland for the duration of the work and the employment was not of long duration. These situations are investigated on a case-by-case basis, and it is impossible for KOKO to say beforehand which wages paid in which country will be those on the basis of which your daily allowance will be calculated.