How do I apply for job alternation compensation?

  1. Submit your job alternation agreement and your replacement’s employment contract to the TE Office before your job alternation leave begins.
  2. Send your job alternation compensation application to KOKO either as an attachment in eService, or by mail.

You must apply for job alternation compensation within three months of the date from which you wish it to be paid.

Job alternation leave is paid per calendar month retrospectively, for a maximum of 5 days per week. See the payment schedule.

In order to pay you job alternation compensation, KOKO needs a labour policy statement from the TE Office. Submit the following documents to the TE Office well before your job alternation leave starts: your job alternation agreement, your replacement’s employment contract (or other reliable proof that a replacement has been hired for the duration of your leave) and a statement from your employer about any unpaid absences in the 13 months preceding your leave.

Application attachments

  • a copy of your job alternation agreement
  • statement of earnings for full salary periods for at least 52 weeks preceding the job alternation leave
  • possible updated tax card

Impact of other income on job alternation compensation

You can work part-time during your job alternation leave. Report to the fund the income you receive during the job alternation leave without delay, including meeting fees and intellectual property rights, such as royalties or usage fees (copyright royalties and related rights no longer need to be reported to the fund from the beginning of 2023).

If your employer has paid you holiday bonus during your job alternation leave, they will not affect the payment of your job alternation compensation. Any performance bonuses paid during job alternation leave will not affect the job alternation compensation. Performance bonuses will be added to the income that is used to calculate your compensation, in so far as they were paid during the period taken into account in that calculation.

If you work for your employer, you will not be paid job alternation compensation for the days you were working. If you work for another employer, your job alternation compensation will be adjusted. The standard entitlement of earnings-related unemployment allowance does not apply to job alternation compensation: any income you earn will affect the amount of your compensation. 50% of your earned income will be reduced from your earnings-related unemployment allowance, and 70% of that sum will be the amount of your job alternation compensation. Earnings usually affect the month in which they are paid.

Social benefits received during job alternation leave may also reduce the amount of job alternation compensation. Please declare them to the unemployment fund.