Becoming a member

You can join KOKO when you are working. The employment contract can be permanent, fixed term or part-time and you can even join the fund as a student if you have a summer job or if you are working part-time.

You can be a direct member of KOKO or you can join via a trade union

If you want to join KOKO as a direct member, please fill in the membership application. The membership applications of the direct members are usually handled approximately within a week. You will get an SMS once your membership application has been handled.

If you want to be a member through a trade union, please contact the union of your own line of work. Belonging in a trade union gives you an even stronger security. The additional services provided by the union usually include legal counselling, education supporting employment, training, guidance, and member benefits.

If you fulfil the membership requirements and you have paid your first membership fee, your membership starts from the date your membership application was received in KOKO or a trade union. You cannot join an unemployment fund retrospectively.

Who can join KOKO?

You can join KOKO, if you are working as a so-called upper-level office worker, superior or an expert or you have taken a lower or higher-level academic diploma on one of the following fields of expertise. You can also join if you are studying to achieve the diploma.

The fields of expertise include
• an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in engineering
• a degree in economics
• a bachelor’s degree in business administration
• a degree in mathematics / natural sciences
• a degree in technology/science
• a degree in architecture
• a degree in design
• a degree in interior design
• a degree in opticianry or optometrics
• a degree in structural architecture
• a degree in pharmacy
• a postgraduate degree in social work or social services
• or another corresponding undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

Consider these when you become a member

Employment condition required for earnings-related allowance is accumulated when you work for at least 18 hours per calendar week. If your working hours are constantly less than 18 hours, you will not necessarily benefit from being a member. Read more: Conditions for earnings-related allowance.

You can only be a member of one unemployment fund at a time. Read more: Switching funds.

Shifting to a direct member

If you already are a member of KOKO via a trade union, but you wish to switch to being a direct member, you can inform us of the change by sending a message via eService. In this case you do not need to send a new membership application. Remember to inform your trade union of the change as well.