Membership fee

The membership fee of KOKO fund is €63 in 2024, which is €5,25 per month.

Membership fees are charged for the months during which you are a member. The fee is charged from the month you join, and, if you end your membership, you can request a refund for any calendar months during which you were not a member.

The membership fee is the same for everyone and you need to pay it even if you are unemployed, on maternity leave, on childcare leave, in the army or a student. You cannot get a discount on your KOKO membership fee or have your fee waived (unlike your union’s membership fee).

The amount of the membership fee is confirmed yearly in November/December, and changes are posted on the KOKO-fund’s website. Unemployment funds report membership fee payments to the tax authorities on your behalf.

Invoicing direct members

The membership fees of the fund’s direct members are invoiced in January and February. You can choose between paper invoices (default) or electronic invoicing.

If you want to swap the paper invoice for an electronic one, please make an e-Invoice contract in your own online bank. Choose the Unemployment fund for highly educated KOKO as the issuer of the invoice and enter your social security number as the individualization.

You can search KOKO from the list of issuers by KOKO’s official name (Korkeasti koulutettujen työttömyyskassa KOKO), a part of the name or by the business ID (0116562-4). For more information on how to make an e-Invoice contract, please contact your bank.

Billing the members belonging in the fund through a trade union

For those who are members of KOKO through a trade union, the union does the invoicing for the fund membership fee as well. If you are a member through a union and have any questions related to your membership fee, please contact your union.

As an exception for members receiving daily allowance from KEY or Erto, KOKO will automatically withhold the union and fund membership fee from the daily allowance.

Some trade unions give their members discounts or waive their membership fees altogether while their members are unemployed. If you are unemployed and your membership in KOKO is through a union, check with your union whether you are entitled to a discount, or a waiver of your union membership fees. Contact your union to find out more. Unemployment funds are not allowed to disclose information about the employment status of their members, and your union will therefore not be informed of you becoming unemployed through KOKO.