Retiring while receiving earnings-related allowance

If you wish, you can apply for old-age pension as soon as you reach retirement age. The fund has no stand on whether it is better to apply for a pension or an earnings-related allowance. You are entitled to an allowance until the end of the month in which you turn 65.

Old-age pension without a reduction for early retirement

You are entitled to an old-age pension without a reduction for early retirement if you

  • were born in or after 1950 and
  • have turned 62 and
  • have received additional earnings-related allowance for at least one day in the month preceding the start of your pension.

If you were born between the years 1958-61, you must be 64 years to qualify.

It is sufficient if you meet the conditions by the last day of the month before your pension starts.

At your request, the unemployment fund will write you a certificate of the additional days when you have been paid at least one additional day for the month preceding your pension. The certificate needs to be separately requested. You can make the request when submitting your application, which you can submit for shorter period than normal in this case.

You must apply for an old-age pension from the pension insurance company in advance; it is not granted retroactively. You can ask for more information on applying for an old-age pension from your own pension insurance company or the Finnish Centre for Pensions.