Going from employed to an entrepreneur

If you become an entrepreneur on a full-time basis, you have two options for your unemployment fund membership.

1. Remaining a member of a salaried employees’ fund
You can continue to be a member of a salaried employees’ fund for the first 18 months of being an entrepreneur. After the 18 months, you need to end your membership in the KOKO unemployment fund or your membership will be terminated if you continue to run a business.

2. Becoming a member of an entrepreneurs’ fund
You will keep any employment and membership condition credits you have accrued if you move to an entrepreneurs’ fund within one month of ending your membership in KOKO. If the transition takes longer than a month, you will need to accrue new employment and membership conditions.

For more information about going from employed to an entrepreneur, see Entrepreneur.

If you join an entrepreneurs’ fund, you can only rejoin KOKO if you again become a salaried employee.