Annual holiday or bank holidays during a temporary layoff

Annual holiday during a temporary layoff

You may take your annual holiday during a temporary layoff. Your employer will pay you your normal wages during your annual holiday. If you are paid holiday pay based on full-time wages, you are not entitled to a daily allowance for the holiday days.

If, on the other hand, your salary is based on part-time wages, the daily allowance will be paid as an adjusted daily allowance. Wages are taken into account in different ways, depending on the type of layoff.

If you work shortened daily working hours during your temporary layoff and receive an adjusted daily allowance, you will also be paid an adjusted daily allowance during your holiday if your holiday pay is based on part-time wages. The adjustment will in this case also take into account holiday bonus in addition to holiday pay, because shortened daily working hours are a criterion for paying an adjusted daily allowance.

Bank holiday during a temporary layoff

If you are temporarily laid off on a bank holiday, you may be paid a daily allowance by the same criteria as on any other day. If your employer has paid you a bank holiday compensation equal to a full day’s pay, you are not entitled to a daily allowance for that day. You are also not entitled to a daily allowance for a bank holiday if your employer rules that it is not a working day. If, on the other hand, you receive a bank holiday compensation based on part-time wages, that compensation will be taken into account in the adjustment according to the normal adjustment rules.

It will be considered how your employer has taken bank holidays into account when deducting the pay for your temporary layoff period from the payroll.