Membership fee in 2019 is 75 euros

IAET-kassa’s membership fee is 75 euros in 2019. The fee is 12 euros lower than the year before.


Would you like to know whether you have met the activity requirement?

After you have been paid daily allowance for a period of 65 days, KOKO fund will check whether you meet the activity requirement for the activation model.


We wish you a nice summer!

See holiday hours and closures here.


Delays in processing applications due to activity control

We recommend that you prepare yourself to a lengthened processing time. It can take longer than usual to process your application because of the activity control. 


Frequently Asked Questions about the Activation Model

The Parliament has approved amendments to the Unemployment Security Act to repeal the activation model on 11 December 2019. This means that the activity of the recipients of unemployment allowance will no longer be monitored and the daily allowance will not be cut after 31 December 2019.


IAET-kassa thanks its customers for excellent feedback

IAET-kassa’s latest customer satisfaction survey shows that our customers are highly satisfied with our service, and 93 per cent say they would recommend IAET-kassa to others.


A summary of the changes in unemployment security

There will be changes affecting the recipients of earnings-related allowance in the unemployment security act as of 1.1.2018.