Delays in processing applications due to activity control

We recommend that you prepare yourself to a lengthened processing time. It can take longer than usual to process your application because of the activity control.  If you have been paid daily allowance for a period of 65 days, IAET-kassa inspects whether you have fulfilled the activity requirements of the activation model.

• If you have fulfilled the activity requirement, your daily allowance payments will continue normally without further notice.

• If you have not met the activity requirement, you will be sent a decision on the earnings-related unemployment allowance.

You can also check the details on your fulfilment of the activity requirement on IAET-kassa’s page, eService: Status > Monitoring of activity. You will see the beginning date of your 65-day monitoring period and the amount of the days you have been paid.

Please note that the beginning date of your activity monitoring period will be updated in your file once your application has been processed.