The cuts of unemployment security in accordance with the Activation Model are being dropped

The Parliament has approved amendments to the Unemployment Security Act to repeal the Activation Model on 11 December 2019.

The amendment to the law means that the activity of the recipients of unemployment allowance will no longer be monitored and the daily allowance will not be cut after 31 December 2019. If a reduced daily allowance has been paid, the full amount will be paid again starting from 1 January 2020.

However, the Activation Model will still affect the daily allowances accrued in 2019, even though their payment date is in 2020.

Example: The applicant’s daily allowance has been reduced due to the Activation Model. The daily allowance for the period from 15 December 2019 to 14 January 2020 is applied for on 15 January 2020 and is paid on 20 January 2020. A reduced daily allowance is still paid for the period from 15 to 31 December 2019, but the daily allowance for the period from 1 to 14 January 2020 can be paid in full.