Laid off? Remember to keep TE Office up-to-date on your situation

Remember to keep your jobseeker status active as instructed by the TE Office if you have been laid off. You should also always notify the TE Office if your situation changes. In particular, if your lay-off period changes from the initially announced period or at the end of your employment, you must contact your TE Office and the employment fund immediately.

Your TE Office will issue a statement binding on the unemployment fund on your eligibility to earnings-related unemployment allowance based on the labour policy requirements. For the fund to be able to pay your daily allowance, you must always have an up-to-date statement issued by the TE Office.

When you report the end of a lay-off or unemployment to the TE Office, the information comes in the form of a statement to the unemployment fund. This means that you do not have to report the start of full-time work to the unemployment fund.

If necessary, you can check your status on the online service of the TE Office.

Learn more about the TE Office statement.

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