Statement issued by TE Office

Your local TE Office issues a statement binding on the unemployment fund on your eligibility to unemployment allowance based on labour policy conditions. The fund must have received the statement to be able to pay an allowance. Register as a jobseeker with the TE Office via their online service and state that KOKO is your unemployment fund to ensure that the statement is sent to the correct fund. Funds can only use statements electronically delivered by the TE Office directly to the fund. You do not need to send the statement to the fund yourself.

The TE Office decides on whether you meet the labour policy conditions for eligibility for earnings-related allowance in the following circumstances:

  • you are unemployed, temporarily laid off or working part-time
  • you are engaged in entrepreneurship, work through an invoicing cooperative, or are self-employed
  • you are studying or participating in services promoting employment
  • you resign from or refuse work.

Be sure to inform both the TE Office and the unemployment fund of any changes in your situation, e.g. if you start in a new job or entrepreneurship, your temporary layoff terms change or you become ill.