Did you know this about filling in your daily allowance application?

The daily allowance application now contains pre-filled salary and employment relationship information obtained directly from the Incomes Register. This pre-filled information means that completing the application is even faster and that fewer attachments are often needed for the application.

Check the pre-filled information

It is always a good idea to check and, if necessary, supplement the pre-filled information yourself. If the salary information is incomplete or no pre-filled income information is available, attach a pay certificate or payslips to the application. Income from business activities, for example, is not reported to the Incomes Register, so we will need a clarification from you.

If necessary, save your application as incomplete and supplement it later

You can also save your application as incomplete and continue filling it in later. You can also supplement the information even after submitting the application via the “new income information” button available on the eService front page. However, if you have already submitted the application, it is advisable to complete it as soon as possible so that your application can be processed without delay.

Sometimes the information in the Incomes Register is not sufficient as such to process your application. In this case, our expert will ask you for additional information when processing the application.

Give feedback

We are constantly developing our services to ensure that your experience with us at KOKO is as comfortable and smooth as possible. Let us know your development suggestions, for example, via the “give feedback” link on the eService logout page!