Application processing times become longer as we approach the summer

The wave of redundancies and temporary lay-offs brought on by the coronavirus situation has increased the number of applications received by KOKO fund.

The unemployment fund has been able to handle the rising number of applications reasonably well in the past few weeks, but processing times will inevitably become longer in the future. Since the beginning of April, KOKO fund has received more than 6,700 first-time applications, over 80 percent of which are related to temporary lay-offs. The number of applications received is 13-fold compared to the previous year.

KOKO has prepared for the rising number of applications in various ways. More staff has been hired and changes have been made to the fund’s working practices and payment systems. New employees are being trained constantly and more recruitments will be carried out. The fund also has a good and stable financial situation.

However, according to current estimations, processing times may stretch beyond one month later in the spring. In normal circumstances applications are processed within 1 – 2 weeks of receipt. The daily application processing situation can be viewed on the front page of the KOKO fund website.

We are currently processing applications received on days during which a particularly great number of first-time applications were submitted. For this reason, the same date of receipt may be shown for several days under application status.

You can speed up the processing of your daily allowance application by making sure that you have included all necessary attachments.