Temporary change to the waiting period rule approved

The Parliament of Finland has approved a temporary amendment to the Unemployment Security Act for January and February.

The amendment allows the payment of unemployment benefit to unemployed or laid-off persons during the five-day waiting period. This amendment will apply in cases where the first day of the waiting period falls on the period between 1 January and 28 February 2022.

Please note that this amendment does not apply to situations in which the waiting period started in December or earlier, even if part of the waiting period would fall on January or February. However, unemployment benefit can be paid for waiting periods that occur during or after March, provided that the first day of the waiting period was in January or February.

When you apply for daily allowance, you do not need to take this change into consideration in any way. We will pay daily allowance retrospectively for the duration of the waiting period to applicants whose waiting period has already been registered for January.

More information about the waiting period