Will you be applying for earnings-related unemployment allowance for the first time or after a break in the late summer?

This time of year, KOKO fund’s customer service gets many questions on how to proceed when summer jobs are ending and there is no new work in the horizon.

If you become unemployed for the first time after the summer, make sure to enroll in the TE office as a job seeker no later than on your first unemployment day. After two weeks, you will be able to send your earnings-related unemployment allowance application to the KOKO fund by using the eService. You can apply for the daily allowance from the unemployment fund even if the TE Office has not issued its statement yet.

If you were unemployed before your summer job and you have not found a new job when your summer job ends, please register again as an unemployed jobseeker at the TE office. Whenever there is a pause in applying for the daily allowance, the unemployment fund needs a clarification. Therefore, when you apply for earnings-related unemployment allowance, add the required information regarding your summer job in your application. Employment contract and salary information are sufficient. In case your employment was valid until further notice, please also send your resignation notice.

The illustration below includes a quick guide for how to apply for earnings-related unemployment allowance. For further instructions and information on the necessary attachments, click here.

After the summer break, it is possible to book a meeting with KOKO fund’s customer service from 6th August onwards. Our phone service has been open throughout the summer, please see here for the opening hours.