Threshold of 200,000 members exceeded at KOKO fund

The KOKO fund now has more than 200,000 members. The number of members has been close to the next hundred thousand for a long time, and the magic threshold was finally crossed in the last week of November. On Thursday 28 November, the membership register reading was exactly 200,014.

Founded in 1969, KOKO is the second largest unemployment fund in Finland. The fund, previously known as IAET-kassa, was originally set up as an unemployment fund for engineers and architects. Now 10% of all wage earners belonging to an unemployment fund in Finland are members of KOKO.

Members of KOKO are highly educated workers in managerial positions. The fund’s background organisations are 14 Akava unions. The unions ensure the earnings-related unemployment security of their members by insuring them through KOKO.

“We at KOKO have the best expertise for managing the earnings-related allowance of the highly educated and our customers trust us. Our customer satisfaction has been at a very high level for several years”, Fund Director Outi Mäki says.

“We thank both our new and old members for their trust, and we promise to continue to firmly provide security in changes in working life also in the future!”