The MMA Unemployment Fund will be merged with the KOKO fund

The MMA Unemployment Fund for Professionals in Sales, Marketing and Purchasing will be merged with the Unemployment fund for highly educated KOKO in the beginning of 2021. The merger will not affect KOKO’s current members.

The KOKO fund has 200,000 members and the MMA Unemployment Fund has 15,000 members. 14 trade unions insure their members through KOKO.

Members of the KOKO fund are highly educated workers in managerial positions. Members of the MMA Unemployment Fund work in sales and marketing. Their backgrounds and work contacts are similar to those of KOKO fund members. The funds use the same service systems.

The merger does not require any action from MMA Unemployment Fund members and their unemployment benefits will not change. The KOKO fund will serve MMA Unemployment Fund members starting from 1.1.2021.

The merger decision was confirmed in an additional fund meeting of the KOKO fund on November 11th 2019.