New tax cards and taxation of earnings-related daily allowance

The new salary tax cards, valid from the beginning of February, will be automatically transferred to the KOKO Fund. Please note that, if a salary tax card is used in the taxation of your earnings-related daily allowance, the tax withheld will be at least 25%. We recommend submitting a revised tax card that applies to the benefit to the fund.

If you request a new revised tax card for the benefit from the MyTax service, the Tax Administration will submit it directly to the fund. When requesting a new tax card, enter KOKO Fund as the payer of the benefit. If you have already requested a revised tax card for 2021 and submitted it to the fund, everything is in order.

The fund’s payment system will withhold an amount of tax according to the tax rate the fund is aware of when an application is processed by the fund. More information about the taxation of earnings-related daily allowance can be found here.

For more information, please refer to the Tax Administration website:

Individuals – Tax cards
How to order a tax card only for benefits in MyTax