IAET-kassa will be The Unemployment fund for highly educated KOKO from 1.4.

IAET-kassa’s brand will be reformed this spring. The new name will be The Unemployment fund for highly educated KOKO.

The new name and the visual look will be launched on 1.4.2019. Changing the name will not cause any changes to our current members in benefit and membership related matters. Our members will be sent an electronic newsletter regarding the reform.

The brand reform is carried out in our 50th anniversary year and its prime objective is to bring out the fund’s important role in the Finnish society.

“Founded in 1969, IAET-kassa has made a long journey to the present. During these five decades many things have changed in the world as well as in the way we operate, but one thing has not changed. We still believe that Finland will thrive and develop only with the highly educated on board. Therefore we have always been and will continue to be there to support and protect the highly educated.”