Are you familiar with mobility assistance?

Mobility assistance is still unknown to some people, but many might be entitled to it. The purpose of mobility assistance is to encourage jobseekers to accept jobs further from home. The assistance compensates for the costs of commuting or moving.

You may be eligible for mobility assistance if you find a new job further away and:

1. you have received unemployment allowance just before the start of your new employment relationship
2. your new employment relationship has a duration of at least 2 months,
3. your daily commute to and from work is more than 3 hours altogether for full-time work or more than 2 hours altogether for part-time work,
your round trip to work-related training lasting at least 2 months will take more than 3 hours per day (if the training-related work is full-time) or 2 hours (if the training-related work is part-time).

Starting from 1 August 2022, mobility assistance amounts to 35,72 € per day or approximately 765 € per month. In addition, mobility assistance can be paid with a child support supplement.

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