Here’s how the incomes register will affect applying for earnings-related unemployment allowance

The KOKO fund will receive salary information from the incomes register as of 1 January 2020. This means that, going forward, you do not need to attach all income data to your application, as the KOKO fund receives the information directly from the incomes register.

Attach your pay certificate to your daily allowance application in the beginning of the year

Unemployment funds will have access to the incomes register data immediately at the turn of the year, but the automatic interface cannot be used to retrieve the data directly after the implementation. This is because we are able to carry out production testing only after 1 January 2020. With testing, we want to ensure a seamless application process with the incomes register data in the future.

In January, please attach the pay certificate from your employer to your daily allowance application. This avoids delays in the application process during the introduction of the incomes register. Please also attach your payslip to an application for adjusted daily allowance.

The employer’s reporting method affects the adequacy of data

Salary information is used in unemployment funds to calculate the amount of earnings-related unemployment allowance and to examine the right to daily allowance. Even in the future, separate salary information will be requested from you when the incomes register data notified by your employer is insufficient to process your daily allowance application.

The implementation of the incomes register also affects the application forms of unemployment funds. New forms will be published in early 2020.