What to do if you are laid off due to the coronavirus

In principle, you are paid either a salary or sickness allowance for the period of illness, and sickness allowance on account of an infectious disease for the period of quarantine. Temporary lay-offs may also be possible as a result of the coronavirus.

Lay-offs may be caused by, for example, travel restrictions, reduced consumption, or a significant part of the work community being quarantined.

The employer must provide a lay-off notice 14 days before the start of the lay-off.

If you are laid off, register as an unemployed jobseeker online on the first day of your lay-off.

Apply for earnings-related unemployment allowance in KOKO’s eService 1 week after the start of your lay-off. If your lay-off is for a shorter period, apply for the allowance at the earliest after the last day of your lay-off.

The following documents must be attached to an application for daily allowance of a person laid off:

  • Employment contract
  • The temporary layoff notice
  • A pay certificate from your employer for the period preceding your unemployment for a period of at least 26 calendar weeks (Mon-Sun) that count towards the employment condition. The pay certificate must itemise any payments made in addition to the basic wage or salary.
  • Salary breakdowns for the months that you were laid off as well as the periods of employment in between.
  • If the temporary layoff reduction to your pay was only made to salaries paid after the temporary layoff, you should also submit a breakdown to the fund for the salary from which the temporary layoff deduction was made.

More information on the payment of daily allowance during a lay-off is available here: Instructions for temporarily laid off

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