Koko’s membership fee is reduced to 63 euros

KOKO fund’s membership fee for 2022 is 63 euros. The membership fee is decreasing from the fee of 2021.

– We are glad, that we can reduce the membership fee for next year. This is possible, because we have strengthened the fund’s economic status with perseverance and hence secured our solvency even for the more challenging times, says Fund Director Outi Mäki.

Membership fee invoices will be sent early next year

KOKO will send the invoices to direct members according to the schedule below:
• e-invoices during week 2
• paper invoices during weeks 3 and 4

Those insured via unions receive the information on membership fee invoicing and other related matters from their respective unions.

The membership fee of KOKO fund is an annual fee, confirmed by the Insurance Supervisory Authority.

Change the paper invoice into an e-invoice

You can change the KOKO fund’s paper invoice into an e-invoice via your own online banking service. Select ‘Korkeasti koulutettujen työttömyyskassa KOKO’ as the invoicer and mark your social security number as identification information. Contact your own bank for more information on e-billing.