2020 customer survey: KOKO more successful than ever according to members – A big thanks to our members!

KOKO investigated its members’ experiences with a customer satisfaction survey carried out in late 2020 by research company Onway Oy. A total of 1,025 members of KOKO fund who had used the fund’s services during the past six months responded to the survey.

KOKO has carried out systematic customer satisfaction surveys to support its service development for the past ten years. This time, the fund received the most positive results ever in nearly every area surveyed. The overall score given by customers to KOKOs services on a scale of 1 to 7 was as high as 6.23 ( 6.02 in 2019).

Out of all surveyed service areas, the reliability of processing daily allowance applications and the customer service orientation of the fund’s staff received the best scores. Customer service orientation was also the area that saw the biggest improvement from the previous year.

“Job cuts and layoffs have hit our members hard during the pandemic and for many, sudden unemployment has been a life-changing crisis. We are doing our best to ensure a good customer service experience and try to prioritise the essential – securing our members’ livelihood as quickly as possible,” says Customer Service Manager Marika Mäki-Ullakko.

Members’ experience of KOKOs services improved in all areas except two, which remained the same as the previous year. These were the ease of using electronic services and the processing speed of daily allowance applications.

2020 has been a very unusual year for the KOKO unemployment fund due to the rapid rise in unemployment. The peak was reached in July when a total of 18,569 unemployed or laid-off members used KOKOs services. In normal months, the number of daily allowance applications is around 5,000.

Due to the large number of customers, KOKOs customer service has also been stretched thin. 51.9% of those surveyed said that they had contacted KOKOs customer service by phone or online. Although the success and availability of the fund’s telephone service received better scores than in previous years, they continue to be areas where members see the most room for improvement.

KOKO Fund Director Outi Mäki: “We are very pleasantly surprised by the incredibly positive results of the customer satisfaction survey and the wonderful feedback we have received from members. Our members have been very understanding of the challenges posed to us by the pandemic, such as the longer application processing times in the summer. A big thanks to our members!”