When my employment relationship terminated, I was paid a holiday bonus, holiday compensation, and a support package. How do these affect my daily allowance?

Any financial compensation received from the employer upon the termination of employment (such as a ‘golden handshake’, support package, or severance pay) will disqualify you from earnings-related daily allowance for the term over which such compensation is periodised on the basis of the wages you received in your most recent employment relationship. The term of periodisation is calculated by dividing the amount of compensation by your average daily wages.

Holiday bonuses and holiday compensation related to terminated full-time employment are not periodised, nor do they have an impact on your earnings-related allowance when your employment relationship ends. However, holiday bonuses and holiday compensation received from part-time work or work considered to be business activity are adjusted according to the payment date.

A term of periodisation is followed by a 7-day waiting period, after which payment of daily allowance may begin.