NB! Even though you are not entitled to an earnings-related daily allowance during the term of periodisation, you must still keep your jobseeker status at the TE Office active during this time!

You will completely lose your entitlement to an earnings-related allowance if you are away from the job market for more than six months without an acceptable reason. You will have to accrue your employment condition anew after your absence before you will be entitled to an earnings-related allowance again.

When compensation paid to you is related to the end of your employment relationship, it will defer payment of your daily allowance. The compensation you receive will be periodised as of the end of the employment relationship. The term of periodisation will be calculated by the KOKO fund at the time when you apply for a daily allowance after the end of the employment relationship.

If both holiday compensation and compensation related to termination of employment are paid for the same full-time work of more than 2 weeks, they are added together and both will delay the start of payment of the daily allowance.

What periodisation means in practice is that KOKO will calculate how many days’ pay the compensation is equal to; and for that number of days you will not be paid an earnings-related daily allowance. No more than 5 days per week, from Monday to Friday, are counted towards the term of periodisation. The periodisation pay is calculated similarly to the pay that is the basis for your earnings-related daily allowance, except that no deduction is made for pension and unemployment insurance contributions.’