Did you know this about the application periods for daily allowance?

The majority of applicants for daily allowance submit their applications for one calendar month, i.e. an application period that starts from the first day of the month and ends on the last day of the month. Did you know that the application period does not always necessarily have to...


ETTK Unemployment Fund to be merged with KOKO starting from 2024

The Unemployment Fund for Special Service and Clerical Employees (ETTK) will merge with KOKO on 1.1.2024. After the merger, KOKO will have approximately 270,000 members. KOKO strengthens its position as the second largest unemployment fund in Finland.


KOKO’s research: A combined insurance that improves unemployment security has broad popular support

A survey commissioned by KOKO at Kantar Public found that nearly two out of three Finns support the introduction of a combined insurance. It would enable the accumulation of unemployment security for work performed simultaneously as an employee and as an entrepreneur.

Entitlement to earnings-related allowance during a strike

Entitlement to earnings-related allowance during a strike

If your work has been prevented due to a strike by other employees, your right to earnings-related unemployment allowance during the strike depends on whether the strike is dependent on your terms of employment or working conditions. If you are on strike yourself (also applies to a solidarity strike), you...


Employment situation of KOKO members continued to improve in 2022, with a slight increase in the number of benefit recipients towards the end of the year

A total of 91 589 earnings-related unemployment allowance applications were received by the fund during the year, which is 44 453 fewer than in 2021. In 2022, the unemployment rate among KOKO members was 2.7% on average.


Adjustment of copyright royalties to end

By Government decree as of 1 January 2023, copyright royalties no longer affect the amount of unemployment benefit.