Instructions for the remote appointment

You can book a customer service appointment, which will be conducted via a remote connection using Teams. Please make a booking in our booking calendar.

Within a day from making a booking, you will receive an email message saying that you have a message in KOKO’s eService. The message in eService includes a link that will allow you to sign into the meeting.

If you do not have a Teams account, you will get instructions on how to sign into the meeting. If you are not a member of KOKO yet, you will receive the abovementioned message by email.

Please note the following regarding the appointment:

• For security reasons, the customer service representative cannot share material through screen sharing.
• You can use video connection if you want to.
• The chat function of Teams will not be used in the meeting.
• No video recording will be made of the meeting.
• Please keep the link to yourself and do not share it with anyone else.
• You are responsible for the security of your device and arranging the remote connection.