Other questions (FAQ)

On this page you can read answers to the most frequently asked questions about different topics.

Once a year, in February, the unemployment fund sends the payment information of everyone who has received daily allowance. In addition, the pension insurance company can make an electronic request of a data transfer at any given point of time. The requests are replied to four times a week.

If you are a full-time student, the KOKO fund cannot pay you earnings-related daily allowance. This also applies to summer holidays. However, if studying is your secondary occupation, there is no restriction on payment of daily allowance. The TE Office will issue a statement as to whether your studies are full-time or not. Please contact the TE Office to obtain this statement.

Please note that you cannot receive student financial aid or adult education allowance for the same period that you receive earnings-related unemployment allowance. If you receive these benefits, we recommend that you contact the party that pays them before applying for earnings-related unemployment allowance to avoid recovery.

For further information on studying, see Studying and services promoting employment.

You do not need to notify the KOKO fund of changes in your employment relationships unless you apply for earnings-related daily allowance. We do not need your employment details unless and until you apply for earnings-related daily allowance.

In some cases, you may need to notify your union of changes in your employment. Contact your union as necessary.

The fund does not give any legal advice on employment relationship related matters. The unemployment fund will only give advice on applying the earnings-related allowance and other matters essentially related to the fund’s operations.

If you are a member of a trade union, we recommend that you contact your own union. Unions often offer advice on employment relationships to their members.

In case you are not a member of a trade union, you can visit e.g. https://www.tyosuojelu.fi/web/en/home (a website for occupational safety and health administration).

The principal benefit during illness is the sickness allowance paid by Kela. If the duration of your illness is short, i.e. less than the waiting period for the Kela sickness allowance, the KOKO unemployment fund will continue paying you daily allowance as before. In case of a longer sick leave, you need to apply to Kela for sickness allowance. KOKO may pay you a daily allowance during the Kela waiting period if you were receiving earnings-related daily allowance immediately before you fell ill.

Notify the TE Office of your illness. Apply for Kela's waiting period with an earnings-related allowance application from KOKO.