How do the working hours in a part-time job affect my daily allowance?

When working part-time, your actual working hours will be taken into account for the adjustment period during which the wages for them are paid. The adjustment period is equal to either one month or 4 weeks. Your work is considered part-time work if your working hours are up to 80% of the maximum working hours of full-time work. If you exceed the aforementioned working hours limit in any adjustment period, you will lose your entitlement to daily allowance in that period.

Calendar weeks in which you work for at least 18 hours accrue your employment condition. When you meet the employment condition, your daily allowance will be recalculated on the basis of your income in the weeks that accrued the employment condition. If you meet the employment condition before your maximum period expires, your recalculated daily allowance will be at least 80% of the daily allowance you were previously paid.

For further information on how working hours in a part-time job affect your daily allowance, see Effect of working hours and Re-fulfilment of the employment condition.