When will my employment condition be met and my daily allowance maximum period reset? I have received daily allowance for the maximum period and am now employed again.

Payment of daily allowance may be resumed after you have accrued 26 calendar weeks of employment meeting the employment condition. However, weeks used for a previous calculation of the employment condition cannot be included in the calculation of meeting a new employment condition; also, weeks employed that were so long ago that they are outside the review period cannot be included. The decision to suspend your daily allowance will indicate how many weeks you have accrued towards meeting the employment condition by the time your maximum daily allowance period expired.

Once you have met the employment condition, you will be entitled to receive a daily allowance again. If you become unemployed or are in part-time employment and are not sure whether you have met the employment condition, you may register with the TE Office as a jobseeker and submit an earnings-related daily allowance application to KOKO 2 weeks after registration; we will then check whether you have met the employment condition.