I have previously received an earnings-related daily allowance from KOKO. I was employed for a few months and now have no more work. What should I do? Will my daily allowance change? Will I have a new waiting period?

You must register as an unemployed jobseeker at the TE Office when your employment relationship ends, no later than on the first day of your unemployment. You may apply for daily allowance for periods of 4 weeks or more. Attach a copy of your employment contact to the application you submit to the KOKO fund. Also attach a copy of your notice of termination if the employment relationship was a permanent one. We will receive the salary information from the Incomes Register.

KOKO monitors the accrual of your employment condition. If your employment condition was not met after your period of employment, you will receive the same daily allowance as before that period of employment, with no new 7-day waiting period. The maximum period will also not be reset.

However, if you have met the employment condition again, the daily allowance maximum period will be reset. Your employment condition is met when you accrue 26 calendar weeks of employment in one or more jobs where the working hours are at least 18 hours per calendar week, within a review period of 28 months.

A new waiting period will be set and your daily allowance will be recalculated if you meet the employment condition and the new daily allowance maximum period begins more than one year after the beginning of the previous daily allowance maximum period and you had a waiting period at that time. When you submit your daily allowance application to KOKO, we will investigate your details and inform you of your daily allowance situation.