How does part-time pay affect my daily allowance?

Generally, all income that is considered earned income for taxation purposes is taken into account when adjusting your daily allowance. Income is usually adjusted on the basis of the payment period of the pay.

The amount of adjusted daily allowance is calculated separately for each adjustment period according to your income in that period. You may earn €300 per month without your daily allowance being adjusted at all. For any income above this standard entitlement, 50% of the excess will be deducted from your earnings-related daily allowance.

There is a maximum in how much adjusted allowance can be paid. The adjusted allowance and the paid income combined cannot exceed the salary your allowance is based on. Read more: Specific factors concerning adjusted daily allowance

Use our Allowance calculator to estimate how the income affects your daily allowance. For further information on how part-time pay affects your daily allowance, see Amount of adjusted daily allowance and Adjusted income.