I made an agreement with my employer to terminate my employment relationship and became unemployed. When can I get a daily allowance, and how much will it be?

When you agree with your employer on the termination of your employment relationship, the TE Office will issue a statement, binding upon the unemployment fund, whether this will result in the setting of a suspension period. If your employer has paid you compensation upon termination of your employment that is voluntary or mutually agreed, the compensation you received will be periodised as of the end of the employment relationship. The term of periodisation accrues during the suspension period. Read more: Periodisation

In order to receive an estimate of your daily allowance and to be informed of the date when you will be entitled to receive it, you need to register as an unemployed jobseeker with the TE Office and submit an application for daily allowance to KOKO. We will only consider the information in your application in determining your daily allowance. You can check an estimated amount of your daily allowance using our Allowance calculator.

For further information, see Applying for unemployment allowance.